Glaze for Fowl

Try this recipe with black currants, aronia, or elderberries for a glaze that is irresistible on chicken, goose, duck, pheasant, or a plump Thanksgiving turkey.

- 1½ cup aronia berries, black currants, or elderberries

- ¾ cup brown sugar

- 1 cup water

- 2 tbsp. lemon juice

Combine sugar and water and boil for 1 minute. Add berries and lemon juice, reduce heat, and simmer for 20-25 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool slightly. Puree until smooth, if desired.

Aronia Berry Hot Salsa 
(makes 12 servings)

- 1 medium red onion

- 1 14-ounce can whole corn

- 1 14-ounce can black beans

- 1½ cups fresh or frozen aronia berries

- 4 cups Roma tomatoes, chopped

- 3 jalapenos, seeded chopped

- 4 limes

- 1 teaspoon salt

Finely chop the onion and place in a small glass bowl. Sprinkle with salt and squeeze the juice of one lime over the top. Mix well and set aside. Drain the corn and the black beans, and combine them in a large mixing bowl. Wash the frozen aronia berries and add them to the corn and black beans. Add the chopped tomatoes and the seeded and chopped jalapenos. Mix well. Squeeze the juice from the remaining limes onto the tomato mixture and stir to combine. Add the chopped onions and stir again. Let chill for an hour before serving with tortilla chips.

Aronia Venison Stir Fry 
(serves 6)

A testament to the versatility of Blue Fruit! Can be substituted with beef or pork, if you don't care for the taste of venison.

- 2 tbsp. sesame seed oil

- 1.5 lb. venison

- ¼ cup carrots, chopped

- ¼ cup onions, sliced lengthwise

- ¼ cup broccoli, chopped

- ¼ cup red bell pepper, sliced lengthwise

- ⅓ cup aronia berries, fresh or frozen

- 1-2 tbsp. white wine vinegar

- 1-2 tbsp. sake, mirin, or rice wine (any dry white wine can substitute)

- Cooked rice, to serve

- Soy sauce, to taste

Heat oil in a wok or large pan until shiny. Add carrots and sauté 1 minute, then add onions and sauté 1 minute. Add broccoli, peppers, 1 tsp. sake, and 1 tsp. vinegar, and sauté until all vegetables are fork-tender. Remove vegetables from heat and set aside. Prepare venison in the same manner as vegetables, adding the remaining vinegar and sake as the venison browns. Add aronia just before adding vinegar and sake. Do not overcook venison. Return vegetables to pan, and serve over rice. Adapted from the Midwest Aronia Association 

Aronia Medium Salsa

-4 roma tomatoes

- 1 small onion

- 1 T. garlic

- 1 tsp. salt

- 2 T. lemon juice

- 1/2 jalepeńo

- 1/2 cup aronia berries, fresh or frozen

Chop and mix all ingredients together. Adapted from Mary Johnston's recipe. 

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