We only make so many of each flavor so may not always have availability. We sell at the Feast Local Foods Show at Rochester Civic Center in December (you can also view and purchase from our available inventory online). At this time, we do not make quantities large enough to sell wholesale. Plus, all our value added products are made in our home kitchen which is not MN licensed. 

Juices are made by steam juicing (extraction) the whole fruits. The juice is siphoned off and filtered twice through a stainless steel screen, heated, bottled and the hot water bath for 15 minutes according to Ball Blue Book for berry juices. Juices can also be frozen in quart and half gallon food grade plastic containers. The pH of juices is under 4.6. You can request specific juices for us to make on a regular basis. When fruit is available, we typically make elderberry juice, aronia juice and elderonia juice. 

All our jams and juices are made in our non-state licensed kitchen. Jim and Joyce are registered MN Food Cottage Producers and good food safety practices are in place, both at the farm level and in our kitchen. For instance, we use a lot of stainless steel equipment, wash hands frequently, and use hydrogen peroxide as a sanitizer. Our fruits are low pH, so they are at much less risk for contamination.


Aronia Juice

Elderberry Juice

Elderonia Juice - 2/3 elderberry juice and 1/3 aronia juice

Aronia Pear Apple Juice - made from our own aronia berries, pears and apples.