Jams & Jellies

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At this time, we do not make quantities large enough to sell wholesale. Plus, all our value added products are made in our home kitchen under the Minnesota Cottage Food Law. 

We started making jams and jellies with our organic fruits because the flavors were exceptional. They have been so popular that we have expanded our jam and jelly selection. All jams and jellies are 1/2 pints, made with our organic fruits and organic cane sugar.

Joyce uses Sure Jell (low sugar) pectin so the fruit flavors really shine. Most of the recipes are for berry jams using 6 1/2 cups of chopped fruit and 4 1/2 cups of sugar with 1 box of Sure Jell. We abide by the MN Cottage Food Law and have registered and taken the appropriate trainings. Food safety is important to us when we make our delicious jams, jellies and juices. All jars are processed in a hot water bath canner.

All our jams are made in our non-state licensed kitchen. Jim, Joyce, and Katie are registered MN Cottage Food Producers and good food safety practices are in place, both at the farm level and in our kitchen. For instance, we use a lot of stainless steel equipment, wash hands frequently, and use hydrogen peroxide as a sanitizer. Our fruits are low pH, so they are at much less risk for contamination.


Aronia Berry Jam - Made with aronia juice and cooked whole berries.  

Aronia Blue Jam - Blueberries and aronia. We love how the aronia and blueberry combine.

Black Currant Jam - The real flavor of black currants - our tartest jam. Great on cheesecake or hot brie!

Blueberry Jam - Kids love it. A great blueberry flavor!

Blue Currant Jam - Blueberries (2/3) and black currants (1/3). The black currant flavor comes in nicely.

Blue Fruit Medley Jam - Plums, aronia and blueberries - a great combination and one of Joyce's favorites.

Cherry Blue Jam - Made with our cherry plums and blueberries. You won't find this flavor anywhere else. Nice!

Elderberry Jelly - Joyce finally got the recipe just right. A delicious spreadable jelly with the goodness of elderberries. Our sweetest flavor.

Elderonia Jam (NEW for 2019) - Made with elderberry juice and aroina puree to get the best of both flavors!

Elderonia Jelly - What could be better - elderberries and aronia berries - made from their juice, 1:1.

Raspberry Jam (NEW for 2019) - Made from our very own organic raspberries!

Plum Jam - a complex flavor because we make from 3 varieties of plums - Todd, Northern Blue and Mt Royal. 

Plum Aronia Jam - a customer favorite.