Fresh & Frozen Fruits 

Blue Fruit Farm sells fresh fruits in 5 lb cardboard boxes and frozen fruits in 5 lb BPA-free double-lined plastic bags. Fresh fruits are only sold in season. At this time we only offer berries that we harvest as we DO NOT offer pick-your-own berries. Frozen fruits are sold as supplies last. We do not usually have frozen fruits available year round. There is a discount for purchases of 20 lb or more, for all fruits except honeyberries.

Fresh elderberries can only be purchased on the stem. We sell de-stemmed elderberries as frozen products only.

Our fruits are hand harvested at peak ripeness. We have overhead netting for bird protection. Blueberries and black currants are picked daily during the season. Other fruits are harvested at least twice weekly. After harvest, all fruits are chilled and stored in our walk in cooler. Leaves, stems and other debris are removed from fruit before packing.

Fresh fruit availability:

Honeyberries – early to mid June
Juneberries – late June
Black currants – July
Blueberries – July and August
Aronia berries – August
Cherry plums – August
Plums – August
Elderberries – September until frost

Once you place an order, we will let you know when your fruit has been harvested and is ready for pick-up or delivery. Orders are filled as soon as possible but keep in mind that we are a small farm and only harvest so much fruit when it is at peak ripeness. Mother Nature is the ultimate decision maker on how much fruit is ready and at what time!

Please click on the “Shop” button to see what’s available and to place your order. Be sure to check your inbox following your order as you will receive an email asking if you’d like your fruit fresh or frozen.

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