cherry plums


About Cherry plums

Sold out for 2019!

Cherry plums are crosses between the sand cherry (Prunus besseyi) and various plums. They are very hardy since they can withstand our severe Minnesota winters. They are small trees (6-8 ft.). They are more resistant to drought and late spring frosts than either cherries or plums. Cherry plums yield a small, plum-like fruit that can be eaten fresh. Cross pollination is necessary so we have two varieties: Sapalta and Deep Purple. Both varieties are good eaten fresh, and can be processed into jams and sauces. We sourced our cherry plum trees from a local nursery. We harvest about 60 lb of cherry plums in a good year, so we don’t have a lot to sell. So mostly, we make Cherry Plum Jam or Cherry Blue Jam from these unusual fruits. If you don’t see them listed, just email us.


This nearly freestone fruit has dark purple skin and flesh, with a juicy sweet flavor. 

Deep Purple

Ripening in mid-August, this variety has deep purple skin and flesh similar to Sapalta. The fruits are over 1" in size and have small pits. Fruits are sweet with a pleasant plum-cherry flavor.