Juices, Jams and Jellies

To order, just email Joyce at bluefruitfarm@gmail.com, and let us know your name and phone number, which flavors you want, how many, and we will get back to you with availability and delivery options. We only make so many of each flavor so we may not always have availability. We also sell at the Feast Local Foods Show at Rochester Civic Center in December. At this time, we do not make quantities large enough to sell wholesale. Plus, all our value added products are made in our home kitchen which is not MN licensed. We are registered as Minnesota Cottge Food producers. 

We started making jams and jellies with our organic fruits because the flavors were exceptional. They have been so popular that we have expanded our jam and jelly selection. All jams and jellies are 1/2 pints, made with our organic fruits and organic cane sugar.

Joyce uses Sure Jell (low sugar) pectin so the fruit flavors really shine. Most of the recipes are for berry jams using 6 1/2 cups of chopped fruit and 4 1/2 cups of sugar with 1 box of Sure Jell. We abide by the MN Cottage Food Law and have registered and taken the appropriate trainings. Food safety is important to us when we make our delicious jams, jellies and juices. All jars are processed in a hot water bath canner.

Juices are made by steam juicing (extraction) the whole fruits. The juice flows out of the steam juicer and is filtered twice through a stainless steel screen, heated, and bottled. Juices can also be frozen in quart and half gallon food grade plastic containers, upon request. The pH of juices is under 4.6. You can request specific juices for us to make on a regular basis. When fruit is available, we typically make elderberry juice, aronia juice and elderonia juice. 


Jams and Jellies: $7 – ½ pint jar; Gift Box - 3/$20; Case of 12 - $78

Juices: $12 - 12 oz bottle; $16 - frozen quarts; $30 - half gallons

Current Flavors:

  • Plum Jam
  • Plum Aronia Jam
  • Blue Fruit Medley Jam
  • Aronia Juice

In the Fall, we make limited quantities of:

Aronia Berry Jam - Great aronia flavor!

Aronia Blue Jam - Blueberries and aronia in equal parts. Healthy and tasty at the same time!

Black Currant Jam - Our tartest jam! Great on cheesecakes, brie and meat glazes, as well as toast.

Blueberry Jam - Real blueberry flavor. Kids love it.

Blue Currant Jam - Blueberries and black currants - you can taste them both. Another MN State Fair favorite!

Blue Fruit Medley - Plums, aronia and blueberries - an explosively delicious combination. 

Cherry Blue Jam - From our cherry plum trees - and a really delicious flavor with blueberry.

Elderberry Jelly - A traditional elderberry flavor - Sweet too!

Elderonia Jelly - Aronia and elderbery juice in equal parts make this a great new flavor. Jim made up the name - Elderonia!

Plum Jam - Todd, Mt Royal and our Northern Blues make up this plum jam. Has real depth of flavor.

Plum Aronia Jam - Another good combination with aronia! A MN State Fair favorite at the local foods booth!