Cherry Plums

Cherry plums are crosses between the sand cherry (Prunus besseyi) and various plums. They are very hardy, withstanding our severe Minnesota winters. They grow as small trees (6-8 ft.) and are more resistant to drought and late Spring frosts than either cherries and plums. Cherry plums yield a small, plum-like fruit that can be eaten fresh. Cross pollination is necessary so we have 2 varieties, Sapalta and Deep Purple. Both varieties are good eaten fresh, and can be processed into jams and sauces. We sourced our cherry plum trees from Alpine Nursery, a local nursery near Houston, MN.

Sapalta: This nearly freestone fruit has dark purple skin and flesh, with a juicy sweet flavor. 

Deep Purple: Ripening in mid-August, this variety has deep purple skin and flesh similar to Sapalta. The fruits are over 1" in size and have small pits. Fruits are sweet with a pleasant plum-cherry flavor.