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Located in beautiful southeastern Minnesota, Blue Fruit Farm covers 5 acres of certified organic blueberries, elderberries, aronia berries, black currants, blue plums, honey berries, jostaberries, juneberries, and cherry plums. Our farm overlooks the stunning microclimate known as Wiscoy Valley, surrounded by forest and native prairie, allowing our plants to benefit from the bountiful population of busy pollinators.

Because we have overhead netting for bird protection and hand harvest, our fruits can ripen naturally on the shrub. Stems and leaves are minimal and removed when packing.

We sell bulk in minimum orders of 5 lb boxes. If you wish to be notified when specific fruit is in season, please provide your email address and check boxes for fruit in which you are interested. We will let you know when the fruit is ripe. For up-to-date information on availability, events, recipes, and more, follow us on facebook! www.facebook.com/BlueFruitFarmMN

Please feel free to roam our website where we have provided lots of information about our fruit production and organic management.  We will be continuing to add information to various sections.

Fruits Available in August: All of our black currants, honey berries and juneberries have been sold.

Blueberries: We have limited amount of frozen 5 lb bags of blueberries available
Frozen blueberries - $40 for 5 lb bag; $37.50 for 4 or more bags;
Frozen blueberries for jam - $30 for 5 lb bag;

Aronia Berries: We are done harvesting aronia berries for 2017 but have frozen aronia berries in 5 lb bags still available.
Frozen aronia berries: $30 for 5 lb bag; $27.50/bag for 4-19 bags; $25/bag for 20 or more bags (100 lb or more)

Elderberries are now being harvested fresh. You can buy on the stem ($5.50/lb) and destem yourself (kind of tedious) or we can destem for you with our tabletop destemmer invented by Mike Breckl, a Wisconsin elderberry grower. Thanks Mike! Detsemmed elderberries are only sold frozen in 5 lb bags. The price is $37.50/5 lb bag; $35/bag for 4 or more bags.

Jams and Jellies:

Jams use whole fruits. Aronia berries and elderberries are steam juiced, with the juice used to make jellies. We use certified organic cane sugar and Sure Jell low sugar pectin ingredients. We cook in small batches. I think we have produced some great flavors that you will want to try. The jellies are sweeter than jams. Here's what we have available.

Elderberry Jelly - the real elderberry flavor - think dark chocolate
Elderberry Cordial Jelly - a hint of cinnamon
Elderonia Jelly (elderberry and aronia berry) - very yummy!
Blue Currant - blueberries and black currants - a crowd favorite at our most recent MOSES field day
Black Currant Jam - tart and flavorful
Blueberry Jam - always a favorite - your gateway jam - kids love it!
Cherry Blue Jam - blueberries and cherry plums - from our hybrid cherry plum trees. You can taste all 3 flavors!
Cherry Plum Jam - no blueberries - just cherry plums. One of our favorites!
Aronia Jam - Experimenting with this one. Aronia is cooked and run through Foley food mill to remove seeds. Flavor is real aronia without the astringency of fresh berries.
Plum Jam - A delicious plum flavor made from Mt Royals, Todd and our red Northern Blues. Lots of depth! A crowd favorite at the MN State Fair local food booth.
Plum Aronia Jam - Also another favorite. What a great combination.
Aronia Blue Jam - Blueberries and aronia - what could be healthier and tasty at the same time!

With the extra elderberries, we make bottles of elderberry juice (no sweetener). We use daily by adding 1 tbs to a glass of water. We feel this helps our immune system, to keep us healthy during the flu season. This is like a concentrate, so you can use it to make elderberry syrup for pancakes, or as a base in all kinds of recipes. No sugar has been added. We have available frozen quarts of aronia juice.

This year we are adding elderonia juice (no sweetener). This is made 50:50 with elderberry and aronia berry juice made with the steam juicer and canned in bottles.

Just email Joyce with your order at bluefruitfarm@gmail.com or send me a comment on this Home Page. I will email back to set up delivery or on-farm pick-up. We drive to the Twin Cities often to visit our daughter and family (2 twin 5 year old granddaughters). WE CANNOT SHIP - MN Cottage Food Regulation

Jams and Jellies: Single jars - $7.00 each; Gift box of 3 - $20.00; Case of 12 - $78.00
Elderberry and Elderonia Juice: bottles - $12.00 each; 3 for $34.50; Case of 12 - $132.00
Aronia juiice, frozen in quarts: $16.00 each; 3 for $45


Channel 19 WXOW did a story on the MOSES Women in Agriculture farm tour held at Blue Fruit Farm on August 9. The URL is: http://www.wxow.com/story/36101870/2017/08/09/in-her-boots-workshop-empo...

KSMQ Public TV, Austin, MN, did a 1/2 hour episode on our Blue Fruit Farm and organic production for their Garden Connections show in August 2013. Access the broadcast in its entirety by clicking here to learn more about Blue Fruit Farm, our practices, and the importance of organic farming.

Read Jim and Joyce's article Thoughtful Planning Yields Perennial Crop of Blue Fruits published in the May 2014 issue of the Organic Broadcaster to learn more about our production practices.








In fall of 2013, Blue Fruit Farm co-owners Jim Riddle and Joyce Ford were featured in the La Cross Tribune article "Organic Pacesetters", outlining the role the couple has played in the organic movement. In response to the article, Meg Moynihan of the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture commented "Over the years those two have done just about everything organic there is: farmed, inspected, written standards, manuals, and publications, served on Minnesota Organic Advisory Task Force and National Organic Standards Board, trained, taught, presented, advocated, consulted, monitored pipeline installation….the list goes on and on and on!!!"

During the winter of 2016-17, Jim gave a number of presentations on berry growing. He also gave a keynote at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association (OEFFA). The Cleveland Plain Dealer did a story on his presentation. See the following to read: http://www.cleveland.com/cooking/index.ssf/2017/02/organic_leader_jim_ri...

In April 2017, Jim received the Dragonfly Award from Beyond Pesticides for his long time contributions to organic integrity. See article in the Winona Post: http://www.winonapost.com/Archives/ArticleID/54327/Riddle-receives-natio...


Stay tuned for more updates!